Ford Explorer Advertisement in July 2002 National Geographic Magazine

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Ford Explorer Advertisement in July 2002 National Geographic Magazine


"Seek and Ye Shall Find No Boundaries"


car on a road speeding past notable American West landscape.

A quasi-biblical quote atop a taupe colored Ford Explorer in motion as it speeds through the American west harkens to the idea that going west or wherever you go, if you seek it, Ford explorer will guarantee that there are no boundaries to halt your westward progession.

This ad is for the "adventurous and rugged" individual. The prominent elements are the sunset warming the side of the SUV which draws our attention to the automobile itself, the motion of the wheels and the blurred background of the American west iconic rock formation. The implied speed tells the viewer that they have "been there and done that" thanks to the capabilities of the car. No driver is visible. NO people are in this ad except for the hand on th steering wheel visible through the windshield. This may be for the viewer desiring of adventure to project themselves into the image. The colors are all very warm, either day break or sunset, but they convey the warm sun of the desert. The major element is this photo is the SUV which really occupies most of the available space. If the viewer is to be aware of the camera angle, it would be to note that the photographer just jumped out of the way of such a powerful car, which of course points top the prowess of the vehicle rather than any unnecessary acceleration.

Cultural attitudes reflected are that there is still landscapes to be conquered, there is no one else in the places where you can go in this vehicle. Nature is a blurred vision on the driver-side window, already receding into the background as we pummel at top speed toward the next diversion.



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July 2002


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